Regularization of 52x Contract Employees appointment under Revised Assistance Package – 2014 in Pakistan Military Accounts Department (PMAD)

By   January 25, 2022

MAG’s Office Ltr No. 660/AN/704-139 Cont Dated 25-01-2022
In pursuance of Govt of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division, Islamabad O.M. No. 8/10/2013-E2 dated 20-10-2014 read with O.M No. 8/13/2016-E-2 dated 11-06-2018 & clarification issued vide O.M. No. 8/6/2017-E-2 dated 08-11-2021, MAG has been pleased to approve the regularization of contract employees who fall under the PMAP-2014 as enlisted in enclosed Annexure “A” from the date of their initial appointment subject to fulfilment of usual terms & conditions for the post they are holding presently.

  1. In view of above, regularization of contract employees of your office included in the attached list (Annexure “a”) may please be notified in present post from the date of initial appointment and necessary office order in this regard may be published. It may be ensured that date of appointment of these officials have been confirmed from their service record held in your offices(s).
  2. It may also be checked and ensured before notifying the causality that death of father/husband of these employees has occurred between 15-06-2013 to 09-02-2015 and their cases fall under the Prime Minister’s Assistance Package – 2014.
  3. Further necessary action may please be taken accordingly and two copies of office order may be endorsed to this office is usual manner.
    Number of DEOs 09, JAs 08, TO 01, DMO 01, NQs 31, CWK 01 & SWP 01 (Total 52x)

تمام مستقل ہونے والے ملازمین کو دل کی اتھاہ گہرائیوں سے مبارک باد پیش کرتے ہیں۔

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