Deduction of Two days Salary of Federal Government Employees for Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022.

By   September 29, 2022

Govt of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulations Wing), O.M / Notification F.No. 6(10)R-1/2009-435/2022 dt: 29-09-2022

وزارتِ خزانہ کا احسن اقدام ۔ سیلاب فنڈ میں کٹوتی سرکاری و نیم سرکاری ملازم کی مرضی سے ہوگی ۔ اگر اِس فنڈ میں اپنی تنخواہ نہیں دینا چاہتا تو اُس کو پندرہ دن کے اندر تحریری طور پر اپنے دفتر کو آگاہ کرنا ہوگا۔

Finance division is directed to state that the flood caused by monsoon rains since mid-June 2022 have caused significant human and livestock casualties as well as wide spread damage to private homes and public infrastructure. Damage to infrastructure has worsened the humanitarian situation. For collective national effort to meet the challenge of providing relief and rehabilitation to the affected population, Finance Division created a Fund “PRIME MINISTER’S FLOOD RELIEF FUND 2022”. It further proposed deduction of salary (Gross Pay & Allowances before any deduction) from government employees for approval of the Federal Cabinet. The Cabinet considered the proposal and approved the deduction as under:-

i. Two days salary of the officers/Officials working in the Ministries/Division / Department/ Authorities/ Corporations/ Companies/ Financial Insitutions/ Commission etc working under the Federal Government.
ii. Two days salary of the Officers/Officials of Civil Armed / Civilian Officers and Official paid out of Defence Estimates.
iii. Two days salary of the Officer/Officials holding post on contract as well as lump sum pay package including ‘M’ Scale and ‘MP’ and SPPS Scales and Officers / Officials locally recruited in Our Foreign Mission.

  • Further, Ministries/Divisions are instructed to approach State run Organizations under them, such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Regulatory Authorities, Telecom Companies, Insurance Companies and other similar Organizations for contributions.
  • Since the earned salary of government employees is private property, therefore, the above mentioned deduction would be optional/voluntary in nature and anyone not willing to contribute may inform within 15 days from the date of circular to AGPR, Islamabad/respective pre-audit. 

    بمطابق حکومت پاکستان کی چٹھی کے پیرا نمبر تین
    چونکہ سرکاری ملازمین کی کمائی ہوئی تنخواہ نجی ملکیت ہے، اس لیے مذکورہ کٹوتی اختیاری/رضاکارانہ نوعیت کی ہوگی اور جو کوئی حصہ ڈالنے کے لیے تیار نہیں ہے وہ سرکلر کی تاریخ سے پندرہ دن کے اندر اے جی پی آر، اسلام آباد/ متعلقہ پری آڈٹ کو مطلع کرسکتا ہے۔

  • The amount of contribution shall not be included in the emoluments of the officers/officials concerned for calculation of income tax and deduction of the recovery of the House Rent Charges.
  • All proceeds received in the name of the Fund will be credited to the public accounts of the Federal Government under following head of account:
    G12 – Special Deposit Funds
    G121 – Relief Fund
    G12164 – PM’s Flood Relief | Fund 2022

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