Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts (Govt. of Punjab) CLARIFICATIONS

By   July 27, 2019

Query / Observation of the AG Punjab and Reply of the Finance Department on 26-Jul-2019
Govt of Punjab, Finance Department Notification No. FD.PC.40-12/2017 dated 26-07-2019

Finance Department has examined the queries raised in the letter referred to above which are hereby answered in an annotated format:
It is inform that a letter has been issued vide the above referred letter dated 10.7.19 regarding explanation for grant of time scale promotion to officer of BS-16 and above. The para 5 of the letter prescribes that the eligible person shall simply apply to the concerned Accountant General Punjab/District Account Office, as the case may be, for grant of Time Scale Promotion and get their pay slip issued in the higher scale w.e.f 2.2.2019 without conducting any DPC, performance reports, disciplinary proceedings, issuance of formal order etc.
Reply by Finance Department:
In case of officers, the advice referred to in para 5 of this Department’s letter of even number dated 10.7.2019 will be issued by the head of the attached department or, where there is no attached department, by the administrative department. Only those officers are authorized to approach your office or, as the case may be, the concerned District Accounts Office who are advised to apply for issuance of the revised pay slips. This advice may serve as orders for the Time Scale Promotion . In case of official in BS-1 to BS-15, mere entries by the concerned drawing and disbursing officer in the service books of the officials would suffice as already clarified vide para 2 (ii) of the Finance Department’s U.O. No. FD. PC 39-14/77(PLIV)(APCA/08) dated 9.08.2016

Read letter dated 26.07.2019 for complete quires by AG Punjab and reply by Finance Department 

Special Thanks to Mr. Muhammad Azam Ch. sb. Deputy Director Zoo, Punjab

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