Grant of Increase in Pension 2019 to Pensioners of the Federal Government

By   July 16, 2019

Finance Division, Reg. Wing Notification /O.M F. 4(1)-Reg.6/2019-838 dated 15- July-2019

The  President   has  been  pleased  to  sanction   an  increase  @  10% of  net pension    with  effect  from  1st  July,  2019 until  further  order  to  all civil  pensioners of the Federal Government including   civilians   paid  from  Defence  Estimates  as well  as  retired Armed Forces personnel  and Civil Armed Forces Personnel.

  1. => The 15% increase  in pension as allowed vide para-12(i) of Finance Division’s M. NO. F. 1(5)-lmp/2011-419,dated 04.07.2011,
    => 7.5% increase  in pension  as allowed  vide para-1 of Finance Division’s   OM. No 4(1)-Reg.6/2015-697 dated 07.07.2015,
    => 10% increase in  pension  as  allowed  vide  para-1  of  Finance  Division’s   O.M.  No. 4(1)-Reg.6/2016-870, dated 15 July 2016,
    => 10% increase  in pension as allowed  vide  para-1 of Finance Division’s O.M. No. 4(1)-Reg.6/2017-831 dated 3rd July, 2017 and
    => 10% increase in pension  as allowed vide para-1 of Finance Division’s  O.M. No. 4(1)-Reg.6/2018-663 dated 3rd July,2018
    shall be admissible  to the new pensioners who would  retire on or after 01.07.2019.
  1. The  10% increase  in  pension  as  mentioned   at  para-1  above  will  also  be admissible  to the pensioners who would  retire on or after 01.07.2019. 
  2. For the  purpose  of  admissibility of  increase  in  pension  sanctioned in this O.M.the term “Net Pension”  means “Pension  being drawn”  minus  “Medical  Allowance”.
  1. The increase  will  also  be admissible  on family  pension  granted  under  the Pension-cum-Gratuity  Scheme,   1954,  Liberalized  Pension   Rules,   1977,  on   pension sanctioned under the Central  Civil  Services  (Extra Ordinary  Pension)  Rules as well  as on the Compassionate Allowance  under CSR-353.
  2. If the gross  pension  sanctioned by the Federal Government is shared with any Government in accordance with  the rules  laid down  in part-IV  of Appendix  Ill to the Accounts   Code,  Volume-I,  the  amount  of  the  increase  in  pension  will   be apportioned between the Federal Government and the other Government concerned  on proportionate basis.
  3. The increase  in pension  sanctioned in this  O.M. will  not  be admissible  on Special  Additional    Pension   allowed   in  lieu  of  pre-retirement  orderly   allowance   and monetized value of a driver or an orderly.

8.                   The  benefit   of  increase  in  pension  sanctioned  in  this  O.M. will  also  be admissible  to those  Civil  Pensioners of the Federal Government who  are residing  abroad (other than those residing  in India and Bangladesh) who retired  on or after 15.08.1947 and are  not   entitled   to,   or   are   not   in   receipt   of   pension   increase   under   the   British Government’s Pension (increase)  Acts. The payment will  be made at the applicable  rate of exchange.

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