Medical Risk Allowance (Health Allowance) equal to basic pay and LPR as granted to Officers BS-21 & BS-22, FST issued the direction

By   April 28, 2016

Before Dr. Nazir Saeed & Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Members FST, Date of Hearing 18-03-2016 and Date of Order 21-03-2016 in Appeal No 332-333(R)CS-2016, Case filed by Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Alam, Medical Officer Lala Rukh Wah Cantt Vs Secy Def.Production, Secy M/o Finance & Dir Admin POF

1. The appellant has prayed that the Medical Risk Allowance (Health Allowance) equal to basic pay, which was notified for health personnel vide Cabinet Division notification of 30-10-2015 in concurrence with the Finance Division be allowed to him.
2. In Appeal No. 333(R)CS/2016 the appellant has also prayed for grant of equal benefits, pertaining to LPR, as granted to officers of BS-21 to BS-22. That he filed departmental appeal on 24-11-2015 which has not been responded to, despite expiry of statutory period.

The appellate Authority will decide the departmental appeals within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the copy of this order by them Office is directed to transmit this order along-with departmental appeals of the appellant dated 27-11-2015 & 24-11-2015 respectively to the Appellate Authority, to do the needful.

Special Thanks to Mr. Rana Waheed Ahmed, Tech.Officer POF Wah for providing the court orders.

332-33(R)CS-16_002 332-33(R)CS-16_003




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