Grant of Utility Allowance to the Civil Secretariat Employees of BS-1 to BS-17 in AJK

By   April 14, 2017

Azad Govt. Jammu & Kashmir, Finance Department, Notification No. FD/R/5444-5514/2017 dated 10-04-2017

As per Summary, the President Azad Jammu & Kashmir has been pleased to accord approval to the grant of Utility Allowing to the employees in BS-1 to BS-16, and the incumbents of the posts of Private Secretary BS-2017 and Superintendent BS-17, working in Azad Jammu & Kashmir Civil Secretariat and drawing pay from the payroll of Secretariat Departments with immediate effect at the following rates:-

1. BPS-01 to BPS-08                 Rs. 3,000/- PM
2. BPS-09 to BPS-14                Rs. 4,000/- PM
3. BPS-15                                         Rs. 5,000/- PM
4. BPS-16 Private Secretaries (BS-17) & Superintendents       Rs. 7,000/- PM
The Utility Allowance will be paid on month basis along with salary.



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