Up-Gradation of Different Posts on Recommendation of the Committee, Constituted by the Chief Secretary, To examine the Demands of Employees of Punjab Govt.

By   July 27, 2017

Up-Gradation of Different Posts in Punjab
Government of the Punjab, Finance Department Circular/ Notification No. FD.PC.40-80/2015 dated 26-07-2017

Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to up-grade the following posts, in relaxation of ban on up-gradation of posts, with immediate effect:

  1. Accounts Clerk B-11 to B-15,
  2. Stenographer B-14 to B-15,
  3. Sub-Engr B-11 to B-14,
  4. Head Draftsman / Division Head Draftsman B-13 to B-15
  5. Draftsman O/o Chief Architect B-13 to B-15
  6. Sub-Divisional Clerk (SDC) B-9 to B-14
  7. Motor Vehicle Examiner B-11 to B-14
  8. Draftsman B-11 to B-13
  9. Tracer B-5 to B-9
  10. Senior Store Keeper B-7 to B-9
  11. Store Keeper B-5/6 to B-7
  12. Signallar/Apperntice Signallar, Irrigation B-5 to B-7

Download Complete Notification as PDF Format

Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Rashid Khan from Civil Service Academy, Lahore for providing very useful Up-gradation notification by Punjab Government issued on 26th-July-2017.


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