Up-gradation of Constable, Head Constable & Asstt: Sub Inspector (ASI) in Punjab

By   August 29, 2016

Chief Minister Punjab has been approved the Summary of Up-gradation of Constable, Head Constable & ASI on 24-08-2016.

According to this summary, Chief Minister has seen and is pleased to approve the proposal contained in para 41 read with paras 43 & 44/ante.


Summary for approval of Up-gradation of Constable, Head Constable & Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) has been submitted for approval of the Chief Minister of Punjab on 16-08-2016.

Financial incentives were earlier allowed to the Police in order to motivate them to continue their fight against terrorism with zeal and vigor. Later on, the posts of ministerial staff in other departments have been upgraded whereas the posts of police constables, Head Constables and ASI continue to remain in their present grade thus, diluting the effect created by the earlier financial incentives.

Para 41/ante is therefore endorsed and recommended for approval. Summary of Upgradation of Constable, Head Constable & ASI is as under:

S. No                    Rank/Designation              Existing BPS               Proposed BPS
1                          Constable                                        05                              07
2                         Exemptee Constable                    07*                           09
3                         Head Constable                             07                             09
4                         ASI                                                     09                              11

Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Waqas Ayub & Waseem Hanif for sending the summary of the upgradation.


Summary_PbPolice_001 Summary_PbPolice_002 Summary_PbPolice_003

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