Up-Gradation of “Computer Personnel” (Punjab) on Recommendations of the Committee, headed by the Additional Chief Secretary

By   December 26, 2018

Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Dept. Notification No. FD.PC.40-43/2017(E) dated 14-12-2018

According to letter the “Computer Personnel” (Govt. of Punjab) carry different nomenclatures, pay scales and prescribed qualifications as given in columns B & C below. The Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to restructure these posts with prescribed qualifications, pay scales and designations as given in D, E & F read with observations given under the table.

  1. Existing Nomenclature
    Data Entry Operator (DEO) / Computer Operator / Key Punch Operator / Key Punch Verifying Operator / Computer,System Operator
    Revised BPS and Designation
    BPS-12 as Junior Computer Operator
  2. Existing Nomenclature
    Computer Operator / System Operator
    Revised BPS and Designation
    BPS-15 as Computer Operator
  3. Existing Nomenclature
    Data Processing Officer/Computer Operator

    Revised BPS and Designation
    BPS-16 as Senior Computer Operator
  4. Existing Nomenclature

    Revised BPS and Designation
    BPS-17 as Programmer

The incumbents of the upgraded posts will also stand upgraded and their pay will be fixed at the stage next above their basic pay in their lower pay scales with immediate effect. No premature increments is admissible on up-gradation of posts in terms of policy of Punjab Government.

The expenditure incurred on the above up-grdation of posts shall be borne by the supplementary grant will be issued in this regard.

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