Islamabad High Court directed to Establishment Division to recognize the Pakistan Meteorological Employees Association (PMEA)

By   February 21, 2019

In WP # 2305/2018 filed by Shazad Ahmad Tabssum (Chairman, Pakistan Meteorological Employees Association) and other VS Federation of Pakistan
Last Hearing: 06-02-2019 Judgment Announce in Open Court on 12-02-2019
Writ filed through Ch. Muhammad Junaid Akhtar, Advocate 

ایسوسی ایشن بنانا بنیادی حق ہے، اسلام آباد ہائی کورٹ 

It has also been guaranteed by the Constitution that no action detrimental to the life, liberty, body, reputation or property of any person shall be taken except in accordance with law and lastly it has been confirmed by the Constitution that no person shall be prevented from or be hindered in doing that which is not prohibited by law and no person shall be compelled to do that which the law does not required him to do. Hence, the right established under Article 17 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 read with Chapter XVIII of the Establishment Manual, 1992 consist of instructions regulating procedure and conditions for recognition of associations of Federal Government Employees (other than industrial employees), this Court is of the clear view that the respondents authority have passed the impugned order without considering the law on the subject and passed the impugned orders on whimsical and illegal ground having no basis, therefore, instant writ petition is “allowed” and the impugned orders are hereby “set aside”. The Establishment Division, Government of Pakistan is directed to recognize the association in terms of Establishment Manual; however, Government of Pakistan can place restrictions upon the association for using any social media, Facebook for any kind of activities considered as subversive or against the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan.

Congratulations to Shazad Ahmad Tabssum (Chairman, Pakistan Meteorological Employees Association) and his all team to win their court case.

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