Implementation of Time Scale Promotion:: Statistical Officer from BS-17 to BS-18 in Punjab

By   June 20, 2019

Implementation of Time Scale Promotion in Punjab
Govt. of the Punjab, Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Dept. Lahore Notification No. E&A(F&W)1-1/85 dated 29-May-2019

In pursuance of Finance Department’s letter No. FD.PC.40-12/2017 dated 19.4.2019, sanction is hereby accorded to the grant of 1st time scale promotion in favour of Mr. Asghar Ali Qureshi S/o Ghulam Nabi, Statistical Officer of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department from BS-17 to the next pay scale i.e. BS-18 with effect from 01-02-2019 personal to him.

Special Thanks to Mr. Muhammad Azam Ch. sb. Deputy Director Zoo, Punjab

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