Grant of One Time Higher Time Scale to Information Technology (IT) Cardre Working in BS-12 to BS-17 in FBR

By   July 2, 2018

Govt. of Pakistan, Revenue Division, Federal Board of Revenue Notification/O.M. F.No. 8(6)/IT/2017-MIR-III dated 25-June-2018

The undersigned is directed to state that officers/officials from BS-12 to BS-17 belonging to the IT Cadre are working in FBR (HQ) and its field formations throughout the country and incumbents have so far rendered more than 05-25 years services. However, due to limited scope of promotion, they are waiting for promotion for a long time.2. Keeping in view the above position, the matter has been considered and the competent authority i.e. Secretary Revenue Division/Chairman, FBR has been please to approve the proposals for grant of one time Higher Time Scale to the following posts of IT Cadre of FBR as per following methodology:- (read O.M)

This proposal was shared with Finance Division vide this office O.M. 8(6)/TT/2017-MIR-III dated 17.03.2017 to which Finance Division suggested that matter may be taken up with Establishment Division. As such Establishment Division is therefore requested to consider the proposal and accordingly granted concurrence. (Insha’Allah hope for the best)

Special Thanks to Mr. Faiz Ullah Khan bhai  from Federal Board of Revenue HQ, Islamabad for providing us very useful O.M. And who struggled for the betterment of computer/IT cadre are entitled to heartiest congratulations.  

دیگر محکموں سے تعلق رکھنے والے کمپیوٹر کیڈر کے ملازمین بھی فیڈرل بورڈ آف ریونیو کے اِس آفس میمورنڈم سے فائدہ اٹھا سکتے ہیں۔ اور انشاء اللہ اِس سلسلے میں ہمیں مل کر یہ کوشش کرنا ہوگی تاکہ تمام سرکاری اور نیم سرکاری محکموں کے اہم ترین ستون کمپیوٹر کیڈر کے ملازمین کو ٹائم سکیل پروموشن کے ذریعے ترقی کے مواقع فراہم ہوسکیں۔ یاد رہے کہ کمپیوٹر کا شعبہ کسی بھی محکمہ میں ریڑھ کی ہڈی کی حیثیت رکھتا ہے۔ صرف ضرورت اِس بات کی ہے کہ کمپیوٹر کیڈر ملازمین اپنا کام مزید محنت ، لگن اور دیانتداری سے کریں انشاء اللہ اُن کو ضرور کامیابی ملے گی۔ 

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