By   February 11, 2016

Govt of Pakistan Establishment Division vide O.M. No. 1/1/2012-CP-II dated 29-01-2016

According Establishment Division Office Memorandum (OM) / Notification , the under signed is directed to refer to the subject cited above and to say that the existing para 1(b)(vi) i.e “the civil servant’s inter se seniority is sub judice” of Revised Promotion Policy, 2007 be treated as withdrawn with immediate effect.

The following course of action will be implemented in case of the Officers whose seniority was subjudiced and they get restored afterwards.

  • All promotions done based on sub judice seniority will be conditional, i.e. subject to final outcome of Court cases.
  • An officer who gets his seniority restored and becomes senior to already promoted officers in the cadre will be considered for promotion by the relevant board from the date when his junior got promoted.
  • In case, if the officer retires or expires from service and subsequently, his seniority is restored his/her case will be placed before FR-17 Committee enabling the officer to get Proforma promotion alongwith all financial benefits.
  • Juniors promoted on sub judice seniority list will be assigned seniority as per final Court Orders and will be reverted in case there is no vacancy.

20160129-Amnd-Rvesd_PromP2007 20160129-Amnd-Rvesd_PromP20

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