De-centralization of Hiring of Residential Accommodation – PMAD Officers / Establishment

By   July 16, 2018

PMAD, MAG’s Ltr/Notification No. 525/AN/312/Gen/2018-19 dated: 16-July-2018

In order to facilitate the employees of PMAD, MAG has been decided to de-centralize, with immediate effect, the present system of hiring of residential accommodation. In future, following nature of cases will be dealth with by the Controllers, at their own, to the extent mentioned against each:-

  • Nature of Cases
    i. Formal sanction,
    ii. Re-hiring/change of accommodation on expiry of lease,
    iii. Retention on retirement,
    iv. Revision of rent on promotion,
    v. Revision of rent on enhancement of rates by the Government
    vi. Advance payment of rent for a period upto one year within Financial Year during lease.
  • Sanctioning Authority
    Services Controllers & Controllers (BS-20) including Dy.MAG = Full Powers 
    Controllers (BS-19) including Director MATIs = Cases of officers/officials upto BS-17
    Controllers (BS-18) = Cases of Officials upto BS-12

02. The Powers delegated above may not, in any case, be delegated further.02. The Powers delegated above may not, in any case, be delegated further.
03. The nature of cases not falling under Para-1/ante and following nature of cases will continue to be dealt with in MAG’s Office:-

  • Approval in principle for hiring of residential accommodation.i. Approval in principle for hiring of residential accommodation.
  • Acceptance of liability of lease of hired accommodation on repatriation/posting of occupant from other Ministry/Division/Department to PMAD.
  • De-hiring of residential accommodation during lease period.
  • Retention of hired residential accommodation for the residence of family of the occupant on his posting/transfer to other Ministry/Division/Department or a station other than the station of accommodation.
  • Extension of lease of hired accommodation which has been retain by the family of occupant on his posting/transfer.
    (Note:- The above mentioned cases may be forwarded to this office duly completed in all respect and supported with necessary documents.)

Existing Rules/Government orders and instructions issued by this office from time to time should invariably be observed while exercising the delegated powers. A Copy of sanction accorded by CsMA may be endorseed to MAG’s office for record. NO case may be retained for more than 15 days without any cogent reason. In case any doubt arises, the same may be referred to this office with details, relevant Rules/orders, prevailing practice and definite views/comments.

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