Senior Private Secretaries (BS-19) are granted Time Scale Up-gradation to BS-20 wef 22-09-2020

By   October 22, 2020

Govt. of Pakistan National Assembly Sectt: Notification No. F.3(4)/2020-E.I(163) dated 20-10-2020

Consequent upon recommendations of the Department Promotion Committee and with approval of the Competent Authority, following Senior Private Secretaries (BS-19) in the National Assembly Secretariat are granted Time Scale Up-gradation to BS-20 wef 22-09-2020:
Mr. Mehar Khan Chandio
Mr. Imdad Hussain
Mr. Sharafat Ali
Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Ranjha
Mr. Muhammad Khalid Usman
Mr. Muhammad Shafique
Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Khattak

  1. Their nomenclature and placement in seniority shall remain unchanged.
  2. They are allowed all benefits of BS-20 including perks/privileges, premature increment, retntal ceiling/house rent allowance and medical allowance, etc.
  3. This issue with approval of the competent authority i.e. Honourable Speaker.

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