Revision of Assistance Package for Families of Government Employees who Die in Service | Clarification regarding criteria for release of funds in lieu of plot

By   June 29, 2016

Govt. of Pakistan Establishment Division O.M/Notification No. 8/24/2016-E-2, dated 22-06-2016

The Prime Minister’s Assistance Package was revised by the Federal Government as notified by the Establishment Division vide O.M. No. 8/10/2013-E-2 dated 4th December 2015. After revision of assistance package, number of reference have been received from different Ministries/Division/Departments regarding criteria for release of funds in lieu of plot.
2. It is clarified for information of all concerned that a certificate regarding non-allotment of plot/house/flat from agencies allotting plot/house/flat such as CDA, Federal Government Housing Foundation (FGEHI), Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) or any other Federal Government Department/agency or any Provincial Government Department/agency, as the case may be, be obtained before making and payment in lieu of plot under the revised Assistance Package. All the agencies/departments concerned allotting plot/house/flat are supposed to issue such certificate within a period of sixty (60) working days on receipt of any reference.

3. As an alternative arrangement and for quick disposal of such cases, Ministries/Divisions/Departments may obtain undertaking/affidavit from the family of the deceased that the deceased was not allotted any plot/house/flat by any government owned agency and that they would refund the amount received on this account if at any later stage it comes to the notice that the deceased employee was allotted a plot/house or flat by the Government or any agency of the government while he was in service. The parent department of the deceased employee would also be required to verify the fact about the deceased about the allotment of plot to the deceased as per record available with them.
4. All Ministries/Divisions are requested to ensure implementation of the policy referred to above in letter and spirit. It may also be ensured to circulate the above clarification to all the deparments/sub-ordinate offices under their administrative control.

Special Thanks to Mr. Muhammad Ayub from Islamabad for providing the very useful Office Memorandum.


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