Regularization of Contractual Employees under the PMFA in National Highway Authority,

By   October 10, 2019

Govt. of Pakistan, National Highway Authority, Admin Wing Office Order / Notification No. 1(24)/Admn(R)/NHA/2019/644 dated 27-Jun-2019
Regularization of Contractual Employees under the PMFA PM’s Family Assistance Package according to O.M. No. 8/10/2013-E-2 Dated: 24-10-2014 and thereof clarification issued vide O.M. No. 8/72/2018-EII dated 09.11.2018. They are the children of employees who died during service from 15-06-2013 to 08-02-2015.

Appointment of following incumbent working on contract basis against the posts/BS mentioned against each, are hereby converted into “regular appointment, effective from the date of their initial appointment against vacant regular posts.
2. All office orders for their appointment issued earlier by Personal Bureau at the time of their contract appoint, are deem to be modified to the extent of nature of appointment, whereas all remaining contents of previous office orders will remain intact.
3. Appointment of above individuals will be subject to rules/regulations applicable to NHA employees of their category.

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