Promotion of Class-IV Employees of PMAD & Re-Categorization

By   December 31, 2020

MAG’s Office Ltr No. 718/AN/1583-NG-RBPS-IX dated 31-12-2020

i. Promotion of Daftry (BS-2) as DMO (BS-4)
ii. Promotion of Niab Qasid (BS-1) as Daftry (BS-2)
iii. Re-Categorization of Frash (BS-1) as Naib Qasid (BS-1)

Based on the recommendations of DPCm the competent authority i.e. MAG has been pleased to approve the promtoion of 4x Daftries (BS-2) as DMO (BS-4), 31x Naib Qasids (BS-1) as Daftry (BS-2) and re-categorization of 4x Frash (BS-01) as Naib Qasid (BS-1) enlisted in Annexure A, B & C to this letter respectively in an officiating capacity and until further order.

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