Induction of Audit/Accounts Officer of Department Cadre into Inter-Department Cadre (PA&AS)

By   May 23, 2019

Auditor General of Pakistan, Circular Notification No. 24/CA to Dir(Estt)/417/Misc/Ind/2019 dated 15-05-2019

Pursuant to the information received from your good office on the subject matter, the establishment wing, OAGP has worked out and compiled the provisional combined seniority list of Audit/Accounts Officers of DAGP & CGA organization on the basis of Rule 3 & 4 of the Civil Servant’s (Seniority) Rules, 1993 as per following criteria:

  • AOs who were promoted on earlier date are senior to those who promoted later.
  • In case two AOs were promoted on similar date then the one who as promoted as AAO on earlier date will be senior to the other who promoted later.
  • If two AOs were promoted as AOs and AAOs on a same date then the one senior in age will be senior to the other.

Since seniority is determined at FAO level, therefore representation, if any by officer may kindly be disposed of at your end and the final and complete seniority list of AOs is respect of your office be furnished to this office by 31-05-2019.

Special thanks to Syed Faiz Ali Shah sb provide the notification.

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