Grant of Efficiency Honorarium 2018 to PMAD Employees

By   May 10, 2018

MAG’s Ltr NO. 132/AN/047-Con/2018 dated 9th-May-2018

In recognition¬† of the contribution of employees to improve the efficiency of the department and to provide the paramount services to the client organizations, MAG has been pleased to sanction the efficiency honorarium equal to one month’s basic pay in respect of the officers / officers (BPS-01 to BPS-18) posted at your effective strength including the officers/staff attached with Ministry of Defence (Def.Div) except those who fail in any of the following categories.

  • Under Discipline/awarded pending during FY 2017-18
  • In – efficient *
  • On long leave / absconder
  • Retired before 30-09-2017

Please ensure the payment to the beneficiaries before 14-05-2018.

Special Thanks to Head of Department . 


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