Enhance of Technical Allowance to the Employees of Pakistan Railways

By   October 23, 2020

MP No. 3508/17 Appeal No. 3101(R)CS-17 filed by Mr. Noor Islam, Pakistan Railways Before FST/Islamabad
Govt of Pakistan, M/o Railways (Railway Board), No. 31(2)/2015-E-1 dated 23-10-2020

It is intimated that enhancement of Tehcnial Allowance and Consolidated allowance was allowed on the proposals received from Chief Personnel Officer’s Office letter No. 961-E/Union(APO-IV) dated 08-08-2020 and 561-E/156-II/DUP-APO-IV dated 17-08-2020 as mentioned vide U.O letter of even number dated 02-09-2020, wherein Chief Personnel Officer has proposed to enhance 25% on initial stage of RBPS-2017, the same has been approved by the Competent Auhtority.

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