Adjustment of upgraded posts with incumbents against higher than their subsentive posts in consonance with Judgment in Rem by the Apex Courts.

By   November 27, 2019

AGP Ltr. No. 1940/Dir(A)/14-92/FST/Isb/2016 dated 20-09-2019

In this context, it seems expedient to clarify that the posts of AOs BS-17 (upgraded BS-18), AAO BS-16 (upgraded BS-17) and Senior Auditor BS-14 (upgraded BS-16) were upgraded for the purpose of drawing pay & allowances within the department of Auditor General of Pakistan & Controller General of Accounts as clearly mentioned int he Notifications ibid and not to get higher posts/positions in the other Government/semi-Government departments/organizations.

The issue was settled by the Hon’able FST, in appeal Nos 402 to 420 and 3472 to 3474(R) CS/2012 titled Muhammad Ayaz and others VS AGP judgement dated 26-11-2015 which was also upheld by Hon’able Supreme Court of Pakistan vide order dated 27-11-2017. The operating Para No. 25 of Hon’able FST judgment dated 26-11-2015 is reproduced as under:

“Up-gradation cannot be termed as promotion on regular basis, …. the up-gradation was for the purpose of pay and allowances,….. Their up-gradation to BS-18 was only semantic in nature and did not amount to promotion to BS-18 on regular basis…”

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